We specialize in creating advertising slogans, campaign slogans, taglines, new product branding and creating company names. How do you create a brand name? - Just ask us! NameSharks assists companies by creating brand names, developing creative campaign slogans, company slogans and dynamic taglines as well as company and product names.

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NameSharks assists companies by creating brand names, developing creative campaign slogans, company slogans and dynamic taglines as well as company and product names.

Our creative services are as follows:
bullet Inventive and creative product name development to strategically position you and set your product apart from the competition.
bullet Unique advertising slogans and taglines to accompany your name(s).
bullet Creative business names and corporate branding.
bullet Support for all industries - technical to consumer-friendly.

NameSharks Can Make Your Business Name, Product, Service, and Tagline Stand Out in the Sea of Competition!

Naming your business, product or service? It's not just a name. Don't believe that old adage about sticks and stones. Names will hurt you... if you don't have the right one. It's how you take the bite out of your competition. Let your product or business name alone strike fear into "old school" name and brand recognition. That's what puts you at the top of the food chain.

bullet You know the good business names and advertising slogans. They always come to mind. Quick, think of - Potato Chips - Software - Credit Cards - Auto Insurance. Whom did you think of first? Exactly.
bullet Do you want the same name and brand recognition? Fiercely competitive, captivating, standouts, big fish in any pond names. Of course! 

Who Are the Name Sharks
Our copy pros consist of those who have worked with some of the biggest advertising agencies such as DDB Needham, McCann- Erickson, EvansGroup and other creative firms. Some of our top writers have worked with well-known naming companies for over 20 years and have experience with Kodak, Bausch and Lomb, Gatorade, Lean Cuisine, theme parks, cruise lines, and more. The team is also made up of numerous other copywriters with a host of specialties, quirks and scope of abilities that form the creative naming pool of NameSharks. We can nail a slogan, tagline, business or product name in a very timely way for you. We don’t hide behind flimsy computerized software programs to regurgitate meaningless names. We love the old-fashioned process of using the creative depths of our minds, books, other languages, and associations to harvest the perfect name. We have a passion for the business, plain and simple, and love helping companies. We have the insight, the intuition, and the finger on the pulse of contemporary language to deliver to you product, brand and slogan copywriting that leaves its (bite) mark. What’s more, your project manager and contact person, is not only an experienced naming professional, but also has an extensive background as a product manager for Frito-Lay, Tabasco, Texas Electric, Six Flags Over Texas, Texas Instruments and AAA Auto Club Travel Marketing. She understands strategy and marketing communications and has excellent client service skills with which to assist you. What project can we help you with today? 

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